Use these three muscles to trigger point for neck pain reduction. The month of November has been all about neck pain week one was about a pain-free mindset toward neck pain, if you have not seen it start there, click here.  It covers the bigger concept of why you might be having neck pain.

Using EFT to clear up neck pain

The second week was a new way to cut and eliminate pain using EFT which stands for Emotional freedom technique. This tapping video will get you think more about the things you are allowing in and affecting you. It will also get you to see how to tap and speak to yourself appropriately.  Click here to watch week 2.

This week is about trigger pointing you serratus posterior superior, sternocleidomastoid, and your suboccipital which are located on the back of your head where it meets your neck. These muscles generate tension in the upper back and neck. By breaking this tension is the way to eliminate one of the muscular cause of neck pain.

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