All this month I have been talking about neck pain and this week’s tip is all about regaining motion back in your neck. If you have not seen the first video, on understanding neck pain , the second video was an intro to tapping for neck pain, and the third was trigger point specific muscles to decrease neck pain.  Please click on the links and watch them, it is important for you to see the sequence of events to get your body to allow the neck issue to go away quickly. Many people make that mistake and just go after a physical condition blindly without understanding other reason you could be having neck pain.

This week is about regaining the motion back in your neck from either pain or a locked position. once you find out the other things that have happened in your world, you will need to take down the contractile or tonality of the neck. Remember it is being protective for a reason so the next step needs to be at slow and very much so safe for you. If you feel  big resistance please stop.  Breathing is another key component to this whole thing working if you don’t breathe in the right place in your body you will not get the stretch you are looking for.

So the way you regain motion in your neck is to lock your shoulders down by grabbing you elbows or your wrists and holding them down behind your back. Using an upper breath, breathe in deep so your chest and lower neck scalenes begin to expand. This stretches the area around your 1st rib which is important to regaining that motion we are looking for.  Please watch the video for next step in the process.

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