What’s up? Patrick Lerouge from Evolve Restorative Therapy and I own a pain-free concierge service that helps people bring out the best versions of themselves. I do that through my live pain-free process that I created that’s designed to give you the tools that you need to deal with things on a physical level. Which gets you a clearer,  more powerful, mindset, so you mentally can challenge, tackle all the things that challenge you.  As well as keeping you emotionally sound, so you can always respond to the things that are happening to you, so you no longer get sideswiped by pain. You’ll see it coming, emotionally, you feel it. Mentally, you see it clearly so you can go through it. Physically, you learn how to deal with it.

It is 2017, guys, and I’m ridiculously excited to say so much to you because I have so many things I want to do and I’ve realized a couple of things going through my 2016, in looking at all the things that I did. It was humongous. 2016 was huge, and I loved every second of it. I would say this if you know me well, and you are a client, you’ve heard me say all the time, convenience is a silent killer. Last year was not convenient for me, what so ever, but I thrived. I did so much because I challenged myself because I lived my process. I bought a house, guys. I had a kid. I launched my concierge service that’s doing so well, so well that I now have a full practice, where before, I never had that.


In the hardest year of my life, I filled my practice while having a kid and buying a house and who knows how I did all that? All because I lived what I’m trying to teach you guys. I lived it, and I loved every second of it. I realized one thing. It took me a second as I was taking my new year’s drink, I was just like, how am I supposed to top last year?  What I realized is I did them all on the personal level. I did all these things for me, and what I’m going to do this year is flip it. I will focus on my impacted on your lives now. I’m going to give you so much more content, so much more things. I challenged everything this year, and what’s cool is, I have a brand new theme for this year. Last year was all about giving you tools and the what to do with pain. Like how you clean up an ankle issue, a knee issue, a hip issue, a back issue. I was giving you the tools that you need. I gave you all those things.

If you haven’t been following me and this is your first time, look through all last year because all last year gives you the ones and twos on how to clear up everything, all by month. Star with January and you’re going to see in January I went from ankle, then to the knee,  and went all the way up the body month by month. It’s relatively easy to follow so if you have an issue, look there, and that’ll give you some tangible tools to go after. What I’m now doing, what’s going to change things, is the fact I’m going to show you how to take care of yourself. Rather than giving you things to do, I’m going to show you exactly how in all levels.

Just like in my live pain-free process, guys. I have a whole manual, a whole book and another goal I’m going to have is I’m going to write a book this year. This year’s going to be powerful. It’s going to be ridiculous on the things I’m going to accomplish; right. I want to give everything to you. I’m changing this whole aspect of how I’m doing things. Instead of just showing you what to do, what to do, I’m going to walk you through things and hold myself accountable, and you because honestly I can’t help anybody anymore personally because I have a full practice. What I’m going to do is I’m going to offer a bunch of different how to heal video tutorials. I’m going to show you how to do things. How to do it, like the say goes teach a man how to fish.

The way I’m going to do it is, I’m going to have four weeks to work with you,  The first week, I show you exactly what you need to do based off of an issue. January is all about sciatic pain. I had a client come up to me, and he’s like, “Oh I have this sciatic issue that comes up, ebbs and flows, ebbs and flows and never goes away. It’s chronic. It happens when I sleep but then it goes away, comes back, so on and so forth.” I’m going to help him directly through these videos based off of his issues and the things that he’s told me.

Week one is, we’ll break down the pain-free mindset. Tell you things on what to do emotionally. Tell you what to in the mental aspect. Week two, I’m going to tell you what you need to do in the physical world, in all the core three, foam rolling, trigger point and stretching, which is the core three for the live pain-free process, and I’m going to show you a couple of exercises. I am not a personal trainer, guys. What I’m going to show you are things to balance out your body based off of how your body responds, how your body’s supposed to do things, so when you do work out, you look for these things. The exercises are just to get you stable, get your body processing the proper movements, rather than a protective aspect. It’s all about getting you out of that fight or flight response and into a healing cycle. I’m going to show you things to do on the core three, as well as some things in the gym.

Then the third week, I will offer you exactly how to do it. I’m going to open up my shopping cart, and you guys can just buy it and run off with it. It’s going to be a small charge for all my subscribers, and it’s going to be everything you need. I’m going to be showing you topic. I’m going to be showing you things to deal with the emotional aspect, which is the EFT world. I’m going to show you how to do things on the mental aspect, to see things, to plan things, to how your body’s going to respond when you start doing these different things.

Then, I’m going to show you also what to do on the physical side. I’m going to be dealing all three of those things; I’m just going to hand it to you. With the case study, I’m also going to have real live people doing this. I’m going to, on the first week, I’m going to allow you to email me and give me your issue. I’ll email you back a form. You’re going to tell me what’s happening, how long it’s been going on, what you’ve been trying, what’s working, and what’s not. Five easy questions and I’m going to give everything that you need in the frequent weeks. If I need to call you, I’ll even call you. I’m going to open this up like a hotline,  Opening up like this is putting me, the process, to a whole other level. It’s going to open it up to so much more, but I need your participation. I need you to email me. You guys email me in the past so this is not any different, but now I’m holding you to it because I’m going to hold you accountable. In the past, I just told you what to do, and if you did or not, I would never know.

Now, I’m going to say, “How did you do? How well did you do?” Hold yourself accountable. This is going to be so sweet. I can not wait. This year’s going to be powerful because I’m opening this up into the concept of, real life, clinical studies, with a Q and A.  I’m super, super excited and the theme for this year is Patrick’s going to teach you how to take care of yourself. Not what to do, but how to take care of yourself, mentally, emotionally, physically, mindset, everything in heart realm. Oh, you guys going to love it. I’m excited this year and next week we start taking apart the world of sciatic pain. Guys, please start emailing me your issues at patrick@livepainfreeprocess.com because I’m only going to pick one person a month, and then in week four, I tell you what we’re going to do and how we’re going to work it out.  That is only 11 more spots open for this all right?  So let’s get working later.


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