What’s up? Patrick Lerouge here from Evolve Restorative Therapy. You could find me at livepainfreeprocess.com, and I have a pain-free concierge service that teaches people how to heal. Teaching people how to heal through the mind-body connection so you can speed up healing. The more that’s balanced, the more your body can perform properly. I said that statement carefully because that’s what this video topic is going to be about today. This video topic is going to come in the form of four places.

It’s all about the better way of dealing with things, how to heal, and how I facilitate that. It’s coming from a client that I had just leave here, so you have to apologize because this is raw coming out of my head. I wrote down some notes, so excuse that as well. We were talking about how to get her mind proper again, how to balance herself out.

She’s good at what she does as a holistic practitioner, about balancing people. We all need levels, and levels, and levels, and levels. It brought me back to my training where I just recently changed and showed that I’m still improving. Even though I think that I’m well off, I still need help. It all comes back down to your mind-body balance.

This tip is coming in four parts, and one, it’s what is the mind-body balance. Number two is life lessons. I’m smiling hugely; it’s because life lessons are what people keep on messing up. We keep on dealing with things over and over again, and we’re not seeing the pattern of the universe, your God, whatever bigger power that you believe in is giving you to teach you a lesson.

The third one is how to do life lessons, and mind-body balance looks like in our lives, and how we can utilize it, as well as the fourth one is a specific way how to do a life balance. When we talk about how it looks like in the rest of our life and how we can implement it, I’m going to do it through foam rolling, because I course in foam rolling trigger point stretching and this is what it teaches you. I want to give you a glimpse into everything you do teaches you about your life lesson if you are balanced mentally and physically, right?

The last one is an actual issue that I’m constantly seeing in my practice now because I work with a lot of females. It’s has a specific name in the orthopedic world that a lot of moms get thumb issues. It drives a lot of issues within the wrist and weakens the hand grip, so on and so forth. We’re going to do trigger point to show you how to clear this one.

You have to realize, they all mesh all together, and it’s how we learn anything and everything. That’s where the fun part is. That’s where I was just like, I’ve got to do this right now. Everyone is all about this mindfulness kick, and the holistic world, and being present. I realize that I was in the mix of that and in that fad. I call it a fad, not to demean anything, but it’s something that, that’s the new keyword. Everyone wants to be mindful; everyone wants to be present because you do need to be there.

What I teach is a balance between the mind and the body. That’s what gets you faster along in your journey through whatever you want to be, a powerlifter, sprinter, runner, marathon. The more you can balance your mind and your body, the faster you accomplish any goal. A millionaire, helping your kids, being present. Anything in that world takes you understanding those two concepts and then balancing them out.

The way I want you to think about mind-body balance, let’s go into the first tick. What is mind-body balance? It’s the concept of what your brain and your body does at the same time that you’re experiencing something. That’s your mind-body balancing. How well they balance themselves is the way that you will perform anything. Let’s take you driving on a highway. It’s a two-lane highway, and you find somebody driving past you at 90 miles per hour, and then past you. You’re driving at a mere 40 miles per hour when it’s a 65 mile per hour zone.

There’s a guy flies past you, got so many running at 90 miles per hour, and you’re running at 45, running slow. The equivalent of that is, your brain is running so fast, so fast, but you feel so sluggish. Your brain will get to a place well faster than you. It’ll get you well, well enough to go, I can see everything done, but all of the sudden you can’t accomplish the goal. You physically can’t do it.

Or you’re running fast, fast, fast, fast, fast, and you’re going, your body is running at 90 miles per hour on the body end. You’re able to do all these different things, but then you get there, and you forget what you have to do. Why did I come in this room again? Put yourself back on that two-lane highway. Have you ever been behind two people driving the same, exact pace, just moving along? Can you get around them? Can you do anything? No, you have to stay in line. Everything is balanced, everything goes.

Now, if you’re running and you’re doing something, and your body’s running as clean as your mind, things run effortlessly. Things move easy, and people call that the zone. People call it all sorts of different things. That’s what you have to do when it comes to healing your body from anything. From anxiety, which is more mentally driven and at 90 miles per hour, or depression, where it’s going slow, or body aches and pains from shoulder pain, to back pain, to this, your muscular system, a lymphatic system.

Anything, one of those systems probably not working, which means your body’s running either too fast and burning out an area, or bringing it back and not functioning well enough. You have to learn how to balance those things out. That is the mind-body connection. That’s what you have to do. The only way you learn about this, the only way you understand it is by looking at the bigger picture of what going on in your life.

I have journal entries for me going through the same type of problems in many different ways. We’re going to cover this in the next one, but that’s what we’re going to be talking about is, I saw the same problem over and over again until I fixed it. What I noticed is, I fixed it because I became balanced within myself. I saw myself dealing with it mentally, and I watched myself physically go through it, right? It took the practice of me going over and over again.

That is the key to everything. That’s next week’s video tip is all about life lessons and how does it teach you, what is it showing you. Now, I want you to think about it. What do you think about the mind-body connection? Where are you in this world? Are you mentally driven, like I mind over the body, if I get my body to push through things? Or are you very, very mind-driven, you’ve seen the future, you’ve seen the past, and you’re not here. Both of those things cause ailments.

Or are you just muscle? Are you always just picking up things and muscling things through, no matter what’s happening. No matter if you don’t feel well, you’re just going to muscle it through, or a person that you just don’t have the energy anymore. You just can’t process things, you’re just like, I have all these thoughts, but I can’t process things. They both equate to a non-balanced state. Where are you? What can you tell me about that? That’s you taking a look at yourself, which then brings you present. That’s all your body needs to start changing things around, right?

I had this ebook that I wrote called Me First. Look through that, look at the comments down below, because that gives you a concept of the bigger picture and where you roleplay in it. That will get you a concept of what mind-body connection is. That’s the first thing I want you to do; I want you to download that book. It’s free, easy. http://livepainfreeprocess.com/me-first-ebook/ That’ll get you to start thinking about things. Easy, breezy, right?

Then I want you to look at yourself and say, where do I stand in this? Nothing like action-driven, just where do I stand in this place? Am I more mentally driven than the body, or am I more body driven than that? If you’re in the type of ailment whatsoever, I guarantee you one of those things are off. You just have to figure out which one it is, and that’s how I get people to heal rapidly, by balancing off your mind-body connection. Until next week, I’ll see you later.

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