What’s up? Patrick Lerouge here from Evolve Restorative Therapy. You can find me at livepainfreeprocess.com, and I have a pain-free concierge service that teaches people how to heal. I teach people how to heal through connecting and balancing out their mind and body.  Today we will be talking all about the mind-body connection and how it comes into our lives. We will learn  how LIFE LESSONS help get you out of pain

Life lessons can give you mindfulness because you must be present to experience it.    The mind-body connection is a term that goes way back in the day that we always used to use that got replaced with mindfulness and replaced with being present.

What is a life lesson

This video tip is all about the concept of life lessons, and it always perks me up thinking about all my life lessons that got me here. What were the experiences that I went through that got me to a place that I wanted to learn about the body, I wanted to learn how to speed up people’s potential. How I met every single one of my clients was a bunch of life lessons that led me to a place.

The easiest way to understand that there’s a bigger power. If you have a significant other, how many things had to go wrong for you to say, “This is the right person,” or even meet that person? So many things had to go wrong in life for that right thing to be accepted because if you had met her or him right out from the gate, you would have never had enough salty to see something sweet. You would have never had experienced how bad someone made you feel, to appreciate the way this person makes you feel. It’s a balance. It’s always a balance, and that’s life lessons.


Life lessons and pain?

Now, let’s take this back into pain relief. I journal often. In 2007, I had journal entries of me going through the same business experience over and over, because I never changed my business-wise mentality. I had issues with me not feeling adequate. I was very insecure about people wanting to listen to me, and people have to listen to me, and I would push myself on people. That was the problem. I saw this life lesson over and over again. To shift it I had to learn that I am adequate, I am good, I am everything that I wanted to be, but the more I pushed, the more things would fall apart.

I have audio of me messing up conversations with doctors and people, just because I tried to show them that I was good rather than me, in my mind, saying, “I am good. I learned how to calm myself down and realize if a person doesn’t want to talk to me, listen to me, that’s their loss. I needed to learn the balance between what I did and what I thought. I balanced out my mind, my mind and my body. That’s a life lesson.

You have to realize when it is time for you to learn, it will show up consistently.  So if it’s time for you to learn about pain, it will show you pain over and over again in many different areas until you learn that lesson it’s giving you, whether it be, “I have to be kinder to myself,” “I have to stop pushing so hard.” If I’m 50 and I’m trying to run like I’m 20.” Or  I’m 30, and I’m trying to act like I’m 50, 60, which looks like you’re not pushing your body hard enough.

Everything needs to balanced based off of where you are,

But you will get more and more life lessons based off of that, so you need to learn how to be and what’s going on in your present life,  which brings you back to the mind-body balance. Where are you currently in your head? That’s now going to balance out with what happens in your body. Your feelings need to mesh with your logic mind. They need to run side by side. They need to go through that melting, and then you see a completely different being. You see a powerful being. You see a person that can do anything because they know their limits.

In the last video tip about what is a mind-body balance, I gave you an example of two-lane highway, two people driving the same pace. Now if you have not watched last video tip do so it’s a good one.

This is the key point. If you focus on anything, it’s going to start presenting more, and the fact that you’re watching this means that you’re going to be more aware of the life lessons that you’ll be getting. That means they will be coming faster and faster. You need something to know how to combat that. My 40 ways to get out of pain PDF should give you a little leeway. If you need more help, I am here or talk to the person that helps you with your body as well as the person that helps you with your mind. If you don’t have one or the other, you need to find somebody. Find that person for you. All right? Download the 40 ways to get out of pain.


What life lessons are you learning?

What is going on in your life that’s consistent? And I guarantee you there is something there. You need to find it. You need to figure it out. Right? That’s where the mind comes in. What is something? What is the constant here? I would like to know what your life lessons are? What are you going through now? Right?

That’s gonna be the key to everything once you start looking at it in this way, because then you realize, “That’s why I keep on getting this pain. That’s why I’m always struggling with letting go. Why I’m always aggressive. Why am I so angry? Why am I so sad? Oh, because I need to learn about me holding on too much. Me trying too hard.” That was a good one.

Comment down below and tell me what is your life lesson now? What is going on?

Until the next one,  where we’re going to be talking about how your mind-body balance and your life lessons look like in your everyday life, and how to utilize that. How to utilize both of those to make healing supercharged and fast. All right? Till the next one. Bye.

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