This is our introduction to EFT, which stands for emotion freedom technique. Today will be tapping on neck pain. So far we have gone over the fact that neck pain normally creeps up on you. It is based on not seeing the other side of an issue. Could be rather small but normally gone unnoticed so the body is beginning to get you to focus on one thing. which we spoke about, the body holding your neck in one position giving you only one vantage point.

Tapping for neck pain uses last week’s chat and brings it into our energetic emotional world. so if you did not watch last week video tip please do so HERE. The main purpose behind all therapies is to get the nervous system to calm down and get out of the fight flight or freeze system, also known as the limbic system. Tapping these point is an easy way to do this. We normally hit these acupressure points naturally  without even knowing. When we are stressed we rub our forehead or the back of necks and the easiest one to see is rubbing our temples to relieve a headache.

All tapping is calming down your limbic system by talking about your issue. Normally we tend to not want to think about our issues and try to stay positive. This is the big difference because we are bringing awareness to what is stressing us and get the body to calm down the system so it can respond not react to what you are going through.


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