Here is another way of thinking of why you have neck pain. It is rarely caused by a fall, I normally hear it comes from nowhere and often from sleep. This is my break down of dealing and understand neck pain.

In this video I discuss that neck pain does not normally happen by a trauma. It either comes suddenly for reasons unknown, or creeps in slow and steady. It has many physical draws because it is based on stability vs mobility just like everything else. It does not happen because of a fall or hit. What I have experienced is that the body is always trying to tell us something. In the case of neck pain it getting you to focus on something you currently are not paying enough attention. Most likely an underlying emotional issue that you are not focusing on.  Something that may or may not be really important but your body is fixated on solving it. Could be a small issue that your partner brought up and you don’t completely understand or see clearly his or her point of view. Think of it like the neck is a symbol and  not being able to turn around and see the other side of an issue is its way of stopping you.


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