There’s another reason for wrist and hand pain. Wrist and hand pain could be caused by more than an accident or physical trauma which we learned that last week. Today I speak about how your kinetic chain, and how problems in you shoulder and forearm can play a role and is another reason for  wrist and hand and thumb pain.

Looking how you work your life and based a few months ago when we spoke about shoulder pain. If you don’t have hand strength it could be caused by a binding in your shoulder and vice versa. It is based on the deep fascial system that connects the two together.  It starts up underneath the pec and runs all the way down to the hand and the thumb, you must begin to learn to look at your body as a unit and not as a part. If you have an area that is hurting or just trying to get your attention you must begin to address the system accordingly. address the deep fascial line is one approach. which I speak about here.

So if you have and or should issues it could be caused by more so look at the videos in the shoulder month in august. Start with the first video on shoulder pain and work through them.


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