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Hello!!! I’m Patrick – a holistic restorative therapy practioner. I have synthesized multiple healing methods into one simple system, all designed to help you recover the best version of you — happy, healthy and pain-free!

It’s up to us to look at the role we play in our own health and life. Living consciously and deliberately allows us to make choices that are aligned with the kind of life we want to be living.

I love teaching people how to live pain free by choosing to put themselves first so they can work with their body, instead of against it; so they rediscover just how truly amazing they are and how easy life becomes without pain.

Patrick Lerouge
– Owner, Evolve Restorative Therapy
– Author, Me First
– Creator, Live Pain-Free Process™

What Our Clients Are Saying

“Soon after I got injured in my regular kickboxing class and began seeing a local restorative therapist to work through the injury. What he taught me about healing my body ended up changing the trajectory of my life. He asked me questions about what was going on in my life; what emotions I was feeling; what stressors; do I feel safe, trust, and love? He taught me that my emotions, thoughts, and beliefs have a profound effect on how my body will heal. He taught me how to communicate with my body, and the effects of stress and the flight-or-fight system on my ability to heal. I had never felt the tremendous power of the mind-body connection before and realized then that this was the vital missing link necessary to heal all aspects of my life.”

“I’ve been working with Patrick for more than a year now; arriving at his doorstep with a hip injury that just wouldn’t go away. And during that initial visit, I knew that his approach and philosophy and passion for not only body work, but emotional and energetic healing was something different. We looked at charts and grids and meridians and discussed root issues of the body alerting us to pain. He “fixed” my hip during that first visit, and he barely ever touched it!

Fast forward to now. Patrick has evolved his approach to include not only hands-on body work, but a rapid fire approach to rooting out the core issue quickly, and dealing with it right there and then. It’s intense, let me warn you. But through mantra work, energetic tapping and more than I can adequately explain, there is a new level of healing that transpires during each visit. If you want to actually clean up your body’s messes. clear out long held limiting beliefs and negative energy, begin to unravel the karmic junk that has held you back, and walk away actually feeling lighter, better and more aware, there is only one person to see.”


Patrick LeRouge changed my world.  Because of Patrick I am a better wife, mother, and grammy.  I am sixty-six years old and have been suffering for more than half my life with arthritis and stenosis in my back, neck and arthritis in my knees.   I was constantly aware of this pain because it takes over your life and dulls everything you could and should enjoy.  The thought of facing such a challenge the rest of my life created a negative emotional and mental state.

My orthopedist said that she could give me pain killers or injections, but at my age, to eliminate my pain and stiffness she recommended that I move, stretch, and massage my body.  What I really needed was a specialist that would provide a more hands and personal approach – not a traditional physical therapist.  It was very difficult finding someone who offered these techniques until finally, through many inquiries, I found Patrick. Even though his office is forty-five minutes from my home I pursued his help.

In less than a year, through Patrick’s superior guidance, I now have a clearer picture of how my body and mind works.His program enabled me to take responsibility for my own body.  I have reevaluated and changed my mental, emotional, and physical well-being.  I now have the power and knowledge to be pain free, which has given me a more positive outlook moving forward. Patrick truly loves what he does and is dedicated to helping his clients.

I have been working with Patrick on my back pain for just over a year. The physical rehabilitation was instant. Patrick was quick to find the physical source of the nagging pain and release it with trigger point. A dull pain lingered and it wasn’t until we spent time talking about what was causing the tension that I found and can now manage the “trigger” of the pain. Patrick and I found a release of the rest of my pain through talking. I have been to therapists on and off for years, but Patrick demonstrated that while I talked he could hear my voice shift and feel the muscles in my body change. Patrick’s approach has helped me physical address the pain in ways that traditional PT and therapists could not. Patrick spends the time necessary to earn trust and allow you to be ready to address the source of your pain. He understands how each person has their complexity and the sources of their pain may vary widely.


A Very Unique and More Effective Approach
To Restorative Therapy

So, What is Restorative Therapy Anyway?

Restorative therapy focuses on the big picture of you and your well-being. It gives everyone the ability to live and move pain-free by teaching the concept of body awareness and mindfulness, while incorporating specific movements and other actions.

Restorative Therapy is a bridge between Eastern and Western philosophies. I take an integrative approach to holistic therapy which is much broader and more effective than just a single therapy – i.e ”massage therapy”. Balancing out life – mentally, emotionally, and physically – is my main focus.  I’ve found that, after working with hundreds of chronic pain sufferers, integrating Western and Eastern protocols produces better results, much more quickly. One is not better than the other. And, they work together beautifully to accelerate and enhance healing,

The Live Pain-Free Process™ provides the information and guidance people need to heal on all levels. The pain you are living with goes away quickly and stays away. Watch the video (on the right) to learn more.

A Holistic Approach To Living Pain-Free

“The most important thing we can do is listen to our body. If we listen closely enough, we will know what it needs to achieve our unique level of optimal health. Teaching you how to listen and understand what your body is telling you, is an essential part of what I do…”

–Patrick LeRouge


“ME FIRST” is an e-Book that will show you why you are consistently staying in pain. “ME FIRST” will give you tools that you can immediately use to eliminate your aches and pain. It will also teach you how to control where your energy goes and provide you with a simple day-to-day format to support living a pain free lifestyle.


Our proven, easy to follow. home-study system gives you the tools you need to hone your body’s natural ability to become pain free and improve the quality of your life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


What is a pain-free concierge? I make House Calls. That’s right… HOUSE CALLS. I bring my complete pain relieving service to you. This service was specifically created for the person who wants a custom-crafted healing plan to resolve their issues – FAST. Someone who wants a high-level of personalized guidance and accountability to learn exactly what to do, how to do it and when to do it. Someone who knows they will get the results they want faster by committing to work closely, one-on-one, with me – I am with you through every stage of your healing, guiding you through the process, keeping you on track.

Our Proven Process Flat Out Works

We approach healing and living pain free from a different perspective. Our focus is helping you heal physically, mentally, and emotionally. Our process gives you a step-by-step guide to PERMANENTLY eliminate your physical pain, enhance your mental state and balance your emotional state so your body heals rapidly, naturally and consistently.

Sounds too good to be true, right? Don’t take our word for it. Listen to what some of our clients have to say about the Live Pain-Free Process…

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